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Stimuli.Life - Tangy Sunshine

Meet the Aromatic Notes

Leading with sharp notes of citrus including Lemon,  Orange and Petitgrain, lifted by Peppermint, Tangy Sunshine is a refreshing and zesty aromatic blend. Hints of floral Rose and a spice garnish of Clary Sage and Cinnamon follow the citrus, and are balanced by the heavyness of Cedarwood at the end.


Stimuli.Life - Lemon


Makes body and mind feel lighter
Invigorates the nervous system
Drives out negative emotions while restoring joy and optimism
Known to be stimulating: increases heart rate, uplifts mood and improves attitude
Enhances energy and concentration
Often known as “liquid sunshine”

Stimuli.Life - Orange


Lowers anxiety by increasing calmness, boosting mood, and making a person more comfortable and relaxed
Cheerful and uplifting while simultaneously relaxing and calming
Boosts motivation and increases clarity
Enhances cognitive function and can also improve sleep quality
Helps facilitate body’s detoxification and balances hormones

Stimuli.Life - Petitgrain


Alleviates mental fatigue and uplifts mood
Improves quality of sleep 
Makes environment conducive to relaxation 
Induces positive thinking 
Reduces feelings of anger, irritation, and frustration

Stimuli.Life - Rose


Helps in reducing stress and clearing the mind
Eases physical pain and releases endorphins
Decreases blood pressure, heart rate, and cortisol levels
Stimulates the release of dopamine
Helps facilitate body’s detoxification and balances hormones

Stimuli.Life - Cedarwood


Reduces harmful stress and relaxes the body 
Clears the mind by decreasing hyperactivity and easing tension 
Improves cerebral activity 
Acts as a natural insect repellent
Encourages onset of quality sleep

Stimuli.Life - Neroli


Produces serotonin and decreases cortisol levels
Acts as an aphrodisiac
Reduces stress and normalises blood pressure
Combats anxiety by stabilising mood and promoting feelings of wellbeing

Stimuli.Life - Clary Sage

Clary Sage

Uplifts mood by boosting strength, hope, and self-confidence 
Balances hormones 
Improves mental strength, hope, and self-esteem 
Helps combatting depression and anxiety 
Improves anxiety, stress, and tension

Stimuli.Life - Bergamot


Helps in improving mood by acting as a stress buster
Reduces fatigue, improves circulation, and drives metabolism for the body
Relaxes the mind and removes feelings of stress and anxiety
Uplifting, refreshing, and stimulating for the mind

Stimuli.Life - Lemongrass


Makes body and mind feel lighter
Invigorates the nervous system
Reduces anxiety, relieves stress, and fights depression
Eliminates negative feelings and mental fatigue 
Great for curing headaches 
Releases serotonin which helps with sleep, appetite, mood, and cognitive functions

Stimuli.Life - Peppermint


Increases alertness, focus, and concentration while decreasing levels of frustration, anxiety and fatigue
Encourages brainstorming as it brings clarity, invigorates the mind, enhances mental focus, and eases exhaustion
Stimulates circulation
Reduces nervous tension and irritability

Stimuli.Life - Sandalwood


Enhances cognitive processing and visual motor speed
Increases attention span and memory 
Minimises fatigue and irritability 
Opens airways to promote easier breathing and helps with colds or flu


Learn about the clinical researches and studies behind all our ingredients.

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