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Stimuli.Life - Inner Peace

Meet the Aromatic Notes

Leading with sweet citrus notes of Lime, Orange, Neroli and Petitgrain, Inner Peace is a pleasant and harmonious aromatic blend. Ambery notes of Vanilla and Sandalwood are well balanced by the pleasing floral notes of Rose, Jasmine, Chamomile and Lavender.


Stimuli.Life - Rose


Helps in reducing stress and clearing the mind
Eases physical pain and releases endorphins
Decreases blood pressure, heart rate, and cortisol levels
Stimulates the release of dopamine
Helps facilitate body’s detoxification and balances hormones

Stimuli.Life - Lavender


Proven to be calming by reducing anxiety and controlling emotional stress
Balances hormones and reduces the feeling of nervous tension
Reduces the feeling of depression
Works as a sleep aid because it has relaxing and calming properties

Stimuli.Life - Chamomile


Cleansing, relaxing, and rejuvenating
Creates an environment conducive to winding down & helping recharge 
Improves quality of sleep resulting in refreshed mornings
Removes negative feelings and helps in creating a positive environment

Stimuli.Life - Orange


Lowers anxiety by increasing calmness, boosting mood, and making a person more comfortable and relaxed
Cheerful and uplifting while simultaneously relaxing and calming
Boosts motivation and increases clarity
Acts as an aphrodisiac
Enhances cognitive function and can also improve sleep quality
Helps facilitate body’s detoxification and balances hormones

Stimuli.Life - Neroli


Produces serotonin and decreases cortisol levels
Acts as an aphrodisiac
Reduces stress and normalises blood pressure  
Combats anxiety by stabilising mood and promoting feelings of wellbeing 

Stimuli.Life - Jasmine


Calms the nerves and reduces tension
Adds positivity and promotes a sense of harmony
Reduces depression through inducing joy and happiness
Improves self confidence and increases optimism
Conducive to meditation practices
Acts as an aphrodisiac

Stimuli.Life - Turmeric


Emotionally uplifting and improves mood 
Supports regeneration in serious neurological diseases like Parkinsons and Alzheimers
Improves feelings of depression, anxiety, and stress 
Boosts immunity and helps fight off cold and flu symptoms 
Aids with concentration, focus and memory

Stimuli.Life - Lime


Fresh, energising, and revitalising
Mood uplifting and stress alleviating
Comforting which minimises fatigue
Antioxidant and antidepressant that also boosts appetite

Stimuli.Life - Peppermint


Increases alertness, focus, and concentration while decreasing levels of frustration, anxiety and fatigue
Encourages brainstorming as it brings clarity, invigorates the mind, enhances mental focus, and eases exhaustion 
Stimulates circulation 
Reduces nervous tension and irritability

Stimuli.Life - Coriander


Calms and uplifts the mind
Boosts energy and morale making people more willing to finish their tasks
Improves confidence, memory and motivation
Removes negative feelings and promotes positivity
Acts as an aphrodisiac

Stimuli.Life - Petitgrain


Alleviates mental fatigue and uplifts mood
Improves quality of sleep 
Makes environment conducive to relaxation 
Induces positive thinking 
Reduces feelings of anger, irritation, and frustration

Stimuli.Life - Sandalwood


Helps ground and quieten the mind, while supporting feelings of peace, calm, and clarity
Reduces feelings of tension and anxiety
Promotes better sleep and enhances feelings of harmony and sensuality 
Increases mental alertness 
Known to be centring and balancing and helps in meditation practices by promoting a sense of spiritual well-being

Stimuli.Life - Vanilla


Promotes a sense of serenity by minimising bad spirits and reducing stress and anxiety 
Brings with it peace, comfort, warmth, softness, and relaxation
Triggers happy memories, often from childhood, which elevate the mood and promote a sense of well-being
Vanilla brings a sense of purity and simplicity which people can find to be grounding 


Stimuli.Life - Vetiver


Shows improved brain patterns through increased alertness and decreased mental fatigue
Controls distractions and helps people focus on a task 
Reduces anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, and depression
Promotes confidence, tranquility, and stillness
Diminishes feelings of anger, irritability, panic and restlessness by balancing emotions to promote positive moods
Relieves nervousness and restores a sense of serenity


Learn about the clinical researches and studies behind all our ingredients.

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