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Meet the Aromatic Notes

Leading with musky and sweet notes of Vetiver,  Geranium and Neroli, Desert Oasis is a sleep inducing aromatic blend. Intense and woody notes of Cedarwood, Jatamansi and Valerian give it a distinctive character, and are balanced by floral notes of Jasmine and Lavender towards the end.


Stimuli.Life - Valerian


Reduces anxiety and relaxes the nervous system
Has antioxidants which help relieve stress on the body
Has sedative qualities which are known to provide a high quality deep sleep
Is often known as “nature’s valium” because of its ability to aid with sleep

Stimuli.Life - Lavender


Proven to be calming by reducing anxiety and controlling emotional stress
Balances hormones and reduces the feeling of nervous tension
Reduces the feeling of depression
Works as a sleep aid because it has relaxing and calming properties

Stimuli.Life - Cedarwood


Reduces harmful stress and relaxes the body 
Clears the mind by decreasing hyperactivity and easing tension 
Improves cerebral activity 
Acts as a natural insect repellent
Encourages onset of quality sleep

Stimuli.Life - Jatamansi


Very effective in supporting a calm mind and balanced body
Great for those who suffer from stress, anxiety, and/or an overactive mind
A grounding fragrance which supports deep sleep
Helps in working through and releasing subconscious trauma

Stimuli.Life - Vetiver


Shows improved brain patterns through increased alertness and decreased mental fatigue
Controls distractions and helps people focus on a task
Reduces anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, and depression
Promotes confidence, tranquility, and stillness
Diminishes feelings of anger, irritability, panic and restlessness by balancing emotions to promote positive moods
Relieves nervousness and restores a sense of serenity

Stimuli.Life - Neroli


Produces serotonin and decreases cortisol levels
Acts as an aphrodisiac
Reduces stress and normalises blood pressure  
Combats anxiety by stabilising mood and promoting feelings of wellbeing 

Stimuli.Life - Frankincense


Strengthens the respiratory system – clears nasal passage and congestion 
Sedative which minimises feelings of stress and anxiety 
Improves concentration and memory 
Creates a positive atmosphere making it easy to get comfortable in 

Stimuli.Life - Geranium


Reduces feelings of stress, anxiety, sadness, fatigue, and tension
Improves the general sense of well-being and relaxation
Good for people who have insomnia
Enhances concentration, improves cognitive

Stimuli.Life - Jasmine


.Calms the nerves and reduces tension
Adds positivity and promotes a sense of harmony
Reduces depression through inducing joy and happiness
Improves self confidence and increases optimism
Conducive to meditation practices


Learn about the clinical researches and studies behind all our ingredients.

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